The design of work equipment meets the standards of technologically advanced protective clothing, winter clothing and personal protective equipment. They ensure the best relationship between comfort, design and high level of protection during the work. In the assortment we have protective equipment for the work with top quality technology and custom design: 

  • Working clothes;

  • Working pants (classic and american);

  • Working coveralls;

  • Outlet suits;

  • Welders suits;

  • Suits for painters;

  • Worl vests;

  • Winter jackets;

  • Uniform for security guards;

  • Aprons;

  • Working mantillas;

  • Chef’s uniforms;

  • Medical uniforms;

  • T – shirts;

  • Sweatshirts;

  • Shirts;

  • Capsand scarves.

All models are available in 4-8 colors and sizes (Regular, Slim, Shorty, Woman). In this regard, we are able to respond to all requirements of our customers, and produce a suit according to their size and order. The protective equipment which we produce will provide the ultimate in safety and comfort in the workplace.


Modern design, first-class product and good price are the features that make our products.

The bedding program is made of 100% cotton fabrics (chiffon, damask, satin, flannel and crepe fabric). All these fabrics are offered as white, dyed and printed. They are often packed with two basic types of sets:

Single bed set:

  • sheet 220 (240) x 140 cm;
  • case for the blanket 200 x 140 cm;
  • case for the pillow 60 x 80 cm.

Double bed set:

  • sheet 240 x 220 (210) cm;
  • case for the blanket 200 x 200 cm;
  • 2 cases for the pillow 60 x 80 cm.

Apart from the sets, we offer custom sheets, pillow cases and covers in the same and all other dimensions, as per order, for the needs of hotel / motel, hospitals, nursing and student homes.


Our assortment of home decor dazzles with freshness and originality in creative design. In offer, we have:

  • Tableclothes, napkins and coasters

The tablecloths, napkins and coasters we design will make every table like a place of pleasant conversation and gastronomic delight. In our production we use the materials of certified suppliers with whom we have been cooperating for many years.

Except to the basic choices of the tablecloths, as we are the producers, we are able to all of your ideas and wishes making real.

  • Pillows

The pillows are filled with chopped spongy, complemented by a relaxed design that will scatter unwanted stress caused by a hard day and allow you a pleasant and easy sleep.

The standard dimensions of the pillows are:

  • 50 x 70 cm;
  • 60 x 80 cm.

The basic material of the pillow is 100% cotton or polyester, gentle pastel colors and extremely good price.

  • Decorative pillows

The unique and varied design of decorative pillows will make your room to get a whole new look, while the softness of them will completely contribute the comfort of the room.

The exterior appearance of the pillow is made of quality and unique material (a wide choice of designs). They are made of cotton fabrics filled with antiallergic wadding and wool, and, optionally, the client has the option of adding a dried flower of lavender. Charging can be softer or harder, with less or more volumes, depending on the wishes and requirements of the client.

  • Seats

We offer a wide variety of different dimensions, materials, colors and seat designs to make the seat as soft as possible. We also produce the waterproof materials to protect the chair from external undesirable effects.


The greatest numbers of women are spending their free time relaxing by arranging the flowers and lawns, using the old clothes, which are unable to use after that work.

In this regard, we have noticed the lack of adequate, unique and innovative garden equipment intended solely for women. By researching the market, we have come up with the idea of creating working clothes for women with a creative and unique design in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU.

The “Queen of Garden” high-quality line of clothes is designed for garden and work in it, designed according to the latest European standards of high tech and innovative materials, providing maximum comfort and protection at work. They are made of the unique design and exceptional quality with flower designs inspired by modern notes that every woman wished to have in their home or cottage. The uniqueness and innovation of this brand are not only reflected in the design, but in the feeling that each woman will make to feel like the queen of her flourishing empire.